That daunting ‘initial consultation’…

by Maggie Cork on October 22, 2010

For many people, an initial consultation can feel somewhat daunting. For the most part we will aim, at the first session, to gain an initial shared understanding of the main factors that have caused your difficulties, and the optimum way to address them.

Our therapy is measured in approach, and tailored to your needs. We will not overcomplicate, but we will identify what you need, through the following:

  • A thorough assessment – Our aim, through providing a very detailed initial assessment session, is to enable you to gain early insights into the difficulties that you have been experiencing.
  • Therapy that is as brief as possible – The course of therapy tends to be brief, aimed at enabling you to feel back in control, swiftly.
  • Duration and type of therapy will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • We offer therapy for a wide range of emotional, psychological and behavioural difficulties for individuals, couples and groups. We offer services to adolescents as well as adults.
  • Avoiding dependence – Right from the start we work with you to ensure that you can swiftly regain control, developing insights and skills that will enable you to become self reliant once more.

To discuss an initial consultation with us, call Maggie Cork on 07962 203111

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