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Senior leaders and managers have to be adept at making key decisions, often under pressure, with their performance under close scrutiny. It can feel as though you are ploughing a lonely furrow with little or no opportunity to ‘think out loud’ in a safe context, with guidance, support and challenge.

In other situations, such as, for example, taking on a new mortgage, managing your tax affairs, buying a car, or planning your pension provision it will feel entirely natural to seek advice and guidance, to assist your decision making. Yet leaders can find themselves struggling, within a work context, with decisions of arguably much greater magnitude, entirely unguided and alone.

Whether you are in a senior leadership role in your organisation, or aspiring to such a role, you will be faced with issues and decisions which, by virtue of their complexity, will challenge and stretch you. Many leaders in such a position have valued the opportunity to seek out a coaching relationship.

This does not mean someone who will make the decisions for you.

It does mean that, through a series of structured and guided discussions, you will enhance your decision making and thereby your performance.

A programme of coaching can help you to develop and sustain enhanced decision-making and influencing skills, and can make a crucial difference at a time of major transition and change.

How can Maggie Cork & Associates help me with my coaching requirements? How can I work out what I need, and how best to address it? Is it possible to undertake group or team coaching?

We offer a range of coaching services including executive coaching, team based coaching and individual psychological coaching. The underlying principle of coaching, at its most basic, is a series of guided and semi-structured conversations, that are problem solving in orientation and which at all times take place with a sense of purpose.

The fundamental cornerstone of an effective coaching relationship is, quite simply, an effective relationship.

At an initial consultation we would seek to gain an understanding, in principle, of you as an individual (or team) and the themes and issues that you would like to address through coaching. Through that consultation we would test out, in partnership with you, the optimum approach to, and type of coaching that you would find most productive.

We always start from the principle that a detailed assessment and understanding of your requirements will help us to tailor our coaching approach precisely to address your needs.

We can, for example, offer coaching to achieve the following:

  • Enhance leadership potential,
  • Develop advanced influencing and negotiation skills,
  • Managing through transition and organisational change.

The last point is particularly important in these difficult times as the country faces up to widescale job cuts. We can help individuals and organisations address the issues that arise from this:

  • Reappraisal of direction at a career crossroads
  • ‘Out-placement’ coaching
  • Coping with redundancy.

Executive coaching is focussed upon harnessing and enhancing your leadership potential, and enabling you to develop the political acumen and networks necessary when operating at a very senior level.

Executive coaching also draws upon and integrates psychologically based approaches as appropriate.

Psychologically-based approaches to individual coaching are orientated around helping you to optimise your interpersonal effectiveness. This may include the development of additional skills such as:

  • Effective assertiveness skills,
  • Confidence and self esteem based work,
  • Addressing conflict resolution.

Team-based approaches to coaching would start with a team-based diagnostic phase, assessing the characteristic approaches of individual team members, and then developing with the team an agreed methodology for optimising effective team performance.

Our role is to help you, as an individual, or your team, to gain new insights and understanding, and through this to discover different ways of operating; enhancing your range of skills and behaviours and thereby optimising your performance.

What happens if the process of coaching unearths other issues that need dealing with?

Our approach to coaching draws upon extensive experience together with well founded theoretical principles alongside a strong research evidence base. Maggie Cork is a member of the BPS Special Group for Coaching Psychologists. All our Associate coaches have formal coaching credentials and substantial experience in this field. Our coaches are therefore adept at helping you to address complex and deeply entrenched issues; not just the most immediate and obvious problems that present themselves.

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