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We offer organisational consultancy, with our people drawing upon expertise in applied psychology and senior leadership experience in the NHS, the independent healthcare sector, and the business sector.

How can Maggie Cork & Associates help me to improve organisational functioning and performance within my company?

The single biggest influence upon the destiny of the organisation is the range and type of decisions that are made by its executive board; the ‘nerve centre’ of the organisation. Clarity of thought and tempo of action from the board is critical to the success of the organisation in the constantly changing business context.

While time and effort is invested in the selection of individuals for the boardroom, in contrast often very little consideration is given to their fit within the group, to the formation of an effective team, or to the dynamics of the group. The investment made by a chief executive in individuals may be wasted if they ‘cancel out’ one another’s effect through poor team dynamics, and yet if this is properly addressed, a well functioning leadership team can become far more than the ‘sum of its parts’.

How can Maggie Cork & Associates make an impact through working with my leadership team?

We have access to an expert resource network, of associates and colleagues with expertise as senior leaders, operations consultants, and in the fields of applied psychology (clinical and organisational) and business coaching.  We will field the right individuals to identify, in partnership with you, the needs and requirements of your top team.

Our organisational interventions start with a detailed diagnostic; a consultation aimed at understanding your organisation and the issue or problem which you would like to be addressed.

This process will be augmented as appropriate by the use of carefully chosen psychometric tools. These will assist in the process of gaining a deeper level of understanding of the defining characteristics of individuals within your top team. This in turn will guide us, together, to the changes that will optimise productive team working, and thereby address performance and delivery.

We can also offer coaching to individual Board members, where our initial diagnostic work has identified that this is a necessary adjunct to work with the team. Drawing from our pool of associates, will enable a natural and appropriate separation to be maintained between individual coaching and team-based work, whilst at the same time ensuring coordination between the constituent elements of our intervention.

We undertake an extensive, expert, range of organisational interventions, including:

  • Design and delivery of a programme of transformational organisational change,
  • ‘Top team’ development and talent management,
  • Action learning sets designed to embed active problem solving within the heart of the organisation,
  • Team building at the front line.

We can help you to ensure you have a coherent and planned approach to developing your staff through the:

  • Design and implementation of talent management programmes,
  • Development and delivery of an approach to leadership development which underpins the day to day working of your organisation.

Scenario based training can also be a very useful vehicle for testing, and re-testing the extent to which changes within the team or organisations functioning are embedded, and are therefore sustainable. We can discuss with you optimum timing and method of delivery of this training once the initial diagnostic work, and team based interventions are under way.

In addition to interventions aimed at optimising team efficacy, our psychological background lends itself to working with teams or organisations ‘in extremis’ where relationships have become conflict laden, or even broken down, seemingly beyond repair. Through careful analysis and diagnostic work, we can help you to pin down the cause of the problem, and work with you in the development and implementation of solutions.

We can work with you to develop a clearer sense of purpose and vision for your organisation, and work with your organisation to support the creation of your business strategy.

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