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Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

The main aim of neuropsychological rehabilitation is to enable people who have sustained cognitive, emotional, psychosocial or behavioural deficits as a consequence of an acquired brain injury to achieve their maximum potential.

Understanding the Problem

An acquired brain injury can bring a multitude of psychological, behavioural and emotional issues in its wake. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is experienced by many clients in the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, and family members can be traumatised too.

Mild brain injury can also bring with it a multitude of physiological, neuropsychological and emotional changes including persistent post concussive syndrome and associated changes in information processing, memory, and mood.

Changes in personality and behaviour can feel confusing and indeed frightening for the individual who has sustained the acquired brain injury, and for friends and family members. The consequent impact upon relationships can be very difficult to deal with, in particular when the nature of those changes is not well understood.


We’re experts in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

Work in partnership with clients, their families, case managers, multidisciplinary team colleagues, and our clients’ legal teams, we deliver timely and effective neuropsychological rehabilitation.

A detailed and thorough assessment is followed by a programme of neuropsychological rehabilitation tailored to meet the individual needs of the client. When they are an integral part of a family, this work also extends to encompass family based approaches. These typically comprise education to enhance knowledge and understanding of about the consequences of acquired brain injury, and support through the changing landscape of family relationships in the aftermath of the acquired brain injury.

The focus of neuropsychological rehabilitation is upon each of the areas outlined above. When there are associated psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression or PTSD, the rehabilitation is combined with appropriate research based psychological therapy. Based upon a detailed assessment, all interventions, both rehabilitative and therapeutic, have a strong research foundation and are evaluated through regular review.

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+44 (0)1332 695019

+44 (0)1332 695019

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